High-temperature tubes

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High-temperature tubes Tubing

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High-temperature tubes

High-temperature tubes in RELIABLE PIPES & TUBES Stockyard

Seamless high-temperature tubes and furnace tubes suitable for use in applications with temperatures above 500ºC (932ºF).

The Steel program of high-temperature tubes includes a wide range of austenitic stainless steels and nickel alloys as well as iron-chromium-aluminium (FeCrAl) alloys, which can be used at temperatures up to 1250ºC (2280ºF).

Steel grade UNS ASTM/
EN steel no. EN steel name
Corrosion resistant alloy
Composite tube materials
Sanicro 67 N06690 EN 2.4642
Sanicro 38 N08825 Mod. EN 2.4858
Sanicro 30 N08800 EN 1.4558
Sanicro 28 N08028 EN 1.4563 X1NiCrMoCu31-27-4
Steel 3RE28 310 EN 1.4845*
Steel 3R12 S30403/
304L EN 1.4306
Load carrying alloy
4L7 SA210-A1 EN 1.0405 ST45.8/lll
3Mo1 EN 1.5415 16Mo3
HT5 SA213-T12 EN 1.7335 13CrMo4-5
HT8 SA213-T22 EN 1.7380 10CrMo910
HT7 SA213-T91 EN 1.4903 X10CrMoVNb91

Steel grade UNS ASTM EN steel no.
Single-component high-temperature tube materials
Steel Esshete 12501) S21500 1.4982
Steel 5R10 S30400/S30409 304/304H 1.4301/1.4948
Steel 253 MA2) S30815 1.4835
Steel 8RE18 S30908/30909 309S, 309H 1.4833
Steel 7RE10 S31008/S31009 310S, 310H 1.4845
Sanicro 253) S31035
Steel 6LR62 S31600/S31609 316, 316H 1.4401
Steel 8R61 ASTM (316H) 1.4918
Steel 6R35 S32100/S32109 321/321H 1.4541/1.4940
Steel 8R40 S34700/S34709 347/347H 1.4550/1.4912
Steel 6R44 S34700/S34709 347/347H 1.4550/1.4912
Steel 8R41 1.4961
Steel 353 MA2) S35315 1.4854
Steel 2C48 S44600 446-2
Steel 4C54 S44600 446-1 1.4749
Sanicro 61 N06601
Sanicro 70 N06600 Alloy 600
Sanicro 31H4) N08810 Alloy 800H 1.4958
Sanicro 31HT N08811/N08810 1.4959
Kanthal APM
Kanthal APMT

1) Esshete 1250 is a trademark owned by Corus
2) 253 MA and 353 MA are trademarks owned by Outokumpu OY
3) Approved as per Vd TÜV 555
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