Umbilical tubes

Umbilical tubes Tubing

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Umbilical tubes

Umbilical tubes in RELIABLE PIPES & TUBES Stockyard

Steel is a market leader in stainless steel umbilical tubing and has supplied more than 100 million meters (320 million feet) of umbilical tubes to all major fabricators and oil companies over the last 20 years. Our umbilical tubes are used in all offshore regions.

Coiled tubing for cost-effective umbilical manufacturing

Steel offers orbital-welded coiled tubing for cost-effective umbilical manufacturing. Our umbilical tubes are also offered in straight lengths, as long as 40 meters (131 feet), for a minimum requirement of orbital welds.

Size range

Inner diameter
Wall thickness (mm)
in. mm min max
Coiled and straight tubes
3/8 9.53 1 2
1/2 12.70 1 2.6
5/8 15.88 1 3
3/4 19.05 1.1 4
1 25.40 1.2 5
31.75 1.5 5
38.10 2 4.5 (coiled)
38.10 2 5 (straight)
Inner diameter
Wall thickness (mm)
in. mm min max
Straight tubes only
44.45 2.5 5.5
2 50.80 2.7 6
57.15 2.9 5.5
63.50 3 5
69.85 3.2 6
3 76.20 3 10
82.55 3.5 10
88.90 4 12.5


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